Premises Liability


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Premises Liability Claims:


Shendell & Pollock regularly defends claims brought against landlords, retail businesses, restaurants, bars, purveyors of alcoholic beverages and recreation centers in tort cases involving slip and falls, elevator malfunctions, defects and various other conditions resulting in personal injury. Our attorneys’ significant experience defending such claims makes us uniquely capable of achieving the best possible results for our clients.




An Assertive, Results-Oriented Approach to Premises Liability Defense Litigation:


As experienced advocates for our clients in and out of the courtroom, our attorneys provide assertive, strategic defense representation to insurance companies and their insureds.  As a client-focused law firm, we offer a blend of personalized service and high-quality representation that puts our clients' best interests first.


Defending Premises Liability Claims:


Our trial lawyers have the skill, knowledge, and insight that come from many years of litigation experience. This background gives us a valuable perspective on every case that allows us to develop comprehensive legal solutions.  We utilize appropriate consulting and trial experts in specialties like security, engineering, architects, biomechanics, and accident reconstruction to achieve an informed analysis of liability and damages defenses.  We represent clients in a wide range of premises liability defense matters, including:


• Slip, trip and falls (sidewalks, curbs, water in aisles or hallways, etc.) involving alleged dangerous conditions in both commercial and residential matters


• Dog bites


• Dram shop defense


• Swimming pools


• Negligent security and supervision


• Employee injuries on the job


• Water diversion and flooding


• Transitory foreign substance cases



Prompt, Effective Dispute Resolution:


We understand what is at stake in the defense of premises liability claims. From start to finish, we aim to deliver prompt and efficient resolution of your case. Our guiding concern is always protecting the best interests of our client. Whether through trial, direct negotiation, or alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation or arbitration, we will resolve your matter using the means that are most cost-effective for your situation. We will advise you of the pros and cons of your options so that you can make informed decisions.  Mindful of the time and expense of litigation, we also provide pre-litigation advising and risk management consulting, as well as the coordination of investigative services. By involving our firm early in the process, we can help avert costly and time-consuming litigation down the road. Often, we can help clients take proactive steps to successfully resolve their dispute before suit is filed.

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