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Shendell & Pollock, P.L. appreciates that litigation is one of the most difficult situations a client must confront. We believe that careful investigation and analysis, together with the effective application of an agreed upon strategy, can make a great difference not only in how a client approaches litigation, but also in its outcome. Our experience in adversarial proceedings has provided our clients with successful resolutions, from "win-win" results that meet our clients' business objectives to more tactical litigation endeavors. Of course, not every dispute can be resolved in that fashion; thus, when litigation is the only appropriate way to achieve the result, we provide zealous, aggressive and professional representation. We regularly litigate business torts involving fraud and misrepresentation (including their application to contractual claims), restrictive covenants, overtime wage violations, unfair competition, breach of fiduciary duties, theft, interference with existing business relationships, and business asset dispositions.


 Each case requires a carefully tailored strategy. We are experienced in conducting an aggressive pre-discovery fact investigation that is mindful of the business needs and corporate culture of our clients. This strategy includes interviews with key witnesses, identifying and reviewing critical documents and developing an early litigation strategy designed to maximize our client's position. Our strategy stresses cost-effective, result-oriented legal work. Mindful of the significant expenditures of time and money associated with complex litigation, we consult with our client on an ongoing basis concerning tactical and strategic alternatives and costs. The result is a strong partnership between our attorneys and our clients and a lean, aggressive and focused litigation strategy carefully tailored to meet our client's objectives.


 We handle an extensive range of contract and commercial disputes for numerous clients, including major real estate developers, large corporations, manufacturers, mortgage companies and financial institutions, as well as small businesses and individuals. Our litigators have handled complicated mortgage foreclosures, "lender liability" fraud claims, sophisticated business frauds, and numerous types of UCC-related matters, in addition to contract disputes in many substantive areas. Our litigators represent local, regional, national and international clients in all aspects of pretrial, trial, appellate and post-judgment proceedings in state and federal court civil proceedings as well as in administrative and arbitration hearings of all types. Our litigators are particularly skilled in handling difficult and protracted commercial litigation involving numerous parties and complex claims. Computerized legal research, litigation support systems and trained legal assistants, aid our trial lawyers in managing and controlling complicated cases.


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